5 Popular Running Blogs to Follow Now


There are few things more valuable to an event director than insights into the minds of the customer—zealous runners (and the people they influence).

Check out five of the running blogs we’re loving right now and be sure to tell us who we missed in the comments!

1. The Veteran, Peter Larson at RunBlogger.com. We all know him, love him and somehow can’t get enough. Larson’s enviable reach of fans and readers feel the exact same way, which makes his blog a must-read.

Bonus: RunBlogger’s forums are full of eager runners ready to engage with the original poster and each other. Dig in when you’ve got the time.


2. The Lifestyle Coach, Monica.Written by a casual runner turned professional blogger, Run Eat Repeat is a catalog of race reviews, recipes and slices-of-life from Southern California. The race recap posts are the most popular, garnering dozens of comments. Score!

Bonus: @RunEatRepeat boasts 22,000 super-charged race fans.


3. The Industry Team, Bill Reifsnyder and Jon Burns at RunHaven.com. Between the site’s president and director of content and planning, there are a whopping 60 years of running industry experience. The race industry knowledge is put to excellent use on RunHaven which speaks to professional and casual runners through a variety of topics like news, nutrition and health tips.

Bonus: More than 1,400 fans love RunHaven’s mix of endurance humor and motivation @RunHaven.


4. The Social Butterflies, BlackGirlsRun. With a combined social media reach of close to 200,000, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks are two of the most popular endurance bloggers around. In an effort to address growing rates of obesity in the African-American community, the runners started their organization in 2009 to encourage others to hit the pavement. The blog now features posts on training and fitness along with lifestyle posts.

Bonus: BGR partners with existing races throughout the United States to put on events for their followers, like the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K.


5. The Record-Breaker, Trent Morrow. We can’t forget about our brethren across the pond, or, rather, across a couple of ponds. Morrow is a media-savvy marathoner who travels throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia to compete, blogging his adventures along the way. In 2014, he won a world record for most marathons on seven continents in one year after completing 160 marathons in 12 countries and 39 states in the U.S.

Bonus: Morrow wields influence on Twitter and Facebook as well, posting frequently to a hungry audience of almost 9,000 followers combined.


Who are we missing? Tell us what endurance blog you love in the comments!


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