Nathalie Marquet of Metasport (Event Director of the Month)

Nathalie_ED2To kick off 2015, we’re taking off to Asia to speak to an event director who saw the amazing opportunity for a fresh, new, and vibrant sport in Southeast Asia – triathlons!

Originally founded as Tribob in 2000, MetaSport is a leading sport management company headquartered in Singapore and specializing in event management and training in triathlons, swimming, cycling, and running. We caught up with Managing Director Nathalie Marquet to find out how she manages exceptional multisport events while also implementing a major rebrand.

Q. What is the significance of the name MetaSport?

“Meta” is the Greek translation for “beyond” and the name MetaSport originates from the desire to take athletes, race participants, and corporate clients to new levels, beyond where they’ve been before, through endurance sports.

Q. How did you become an event director?

In my early years in Singapore, a work colleague of mine who ran triathlons mentioned a newly created club called ‘Tribob.’ I had always loved running and swimming, so I quickly became a member. Then I quit my full-time job in the fashion and cosmetics industry to help build the club into MetaSport.

Since MetaSport’s very first event, the Bintan Triathlon in 2005, I’ve been involved in the conceptualization and development of all other MetaSport events. I have a good understanding and overview of all aspects of planning and delivering an event, which means I’m the default Event Director whenever my team needs one!

Q. What has helped you become successful in managing your events?

Having a strong team of professional, resourceful, dedicated, and passionate people who know what they have to do on event day and in the lead-up to it.

Q. In 2014, MetaSport organised the ITU in Hong Kong for the first time. Where else in the world would you like to organise events?

Our area of expertise is Asia. MetaSport was a pioneer in Singapore triathlons in 2000. We know the market well, have strong partnerships and a large following of athletes. I would not dream of going anywhere else. We still have plenty of opportunities in the sport market in Asia.

Q. What are the most vital factors you need to keep in mind when taking events overseas?

The most important thing is to understand the significant differences from one country to another in terms of athletes’ expectations, customers’ behaviors, maturity of the sport market, governmental cooperation, sponsors requirements, and more.

Q. Why do you continue to work with ACTIVE Network?

The global credibility and proven track record provided by your company.

Q. How does MetaSport differentiate its events from other triathlon events?

We genuinely care and put particular attention into the details at all levels. We constantly question what we do and have thorough debriefs after each event to take into account athletes’ feedback and adapt what we can to keep getting better.

Q. What set of marketing tactics has been the most effective for you?

I believe in constantly adapting tactics, trying new ones, listening to your audience, and being very analytical, proactive and consistent.

Q. Do you have a favorite event?

Naturally, it has to be a MetaSport event, and it is the Bintan Triathlon.

Q. Do you have any advice for other event organisers who want to get started in South East Asia?

Watch out for fierce competition, ha ha!

Q. What excites you most about the future for MetaSport?

The ongoing growth: new markets, new events, maybe new sports… MetaSport is undergoing great momentum!

If you find yourself in South East Asia this year and want a challenge, keep an eye out for MetaSports events. With multiple events such as The New Moon Khcycle, the MetaSprint Series, the Tour de Bintan, the Bintan Triathlon and more, race events continue to take off in this part of the world.