Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The gift of registrationIt’s the most wonderful time of the year…which means consumers are being bombarded with advertisement after advertisement through every medium possible. While we don’t want to overwhelm our customers at the holidays, a little holiday spirit can go a long way to put consumers in the mood!

Don’t get lost in the shuffle this holiday season. Instead, use the craziness to your advantage and gain interest with your followers and raise those registration numbers!

The Gift of Registration

It’s the season of giving, so why not encourage your registrants to gift race registration? Registration to an event is the perfect gift for a fellow running friend.

Create a targeted holiday email blast offering the idea of registration as a gift. Remember that all consumers are not the same. We all hear those stories of men rushing to the store to grab whatever is left on the shelves on Christmas Eve. Well, it’s not completely false! In fact, the timing of the holiday shopping market is segmented by gender. Over 54% of women are more likely to take advantage of the early bird deals in the first week of December, while 26% of men shop in the third week, right before Christmas.

Age is another divided segment. The 24-34 age group makes 22% of purchases on their mobile device, while only 6.3% of 45-55 year old users buy on their mobile. And while we may think the young crowd is more likely to procrastinate, that is actually not true! Almost half of 16-24 year olds are forward planners, while 31% of people 45 and older wait until the last minute to register.

Use your database and target your emails accordingly. Target emails separately to each demographic. Promote mobile use to the younger circuit and last minute shopping ideas to the men. You are more likely to grab their attention if you are speaking their language.

You also want to make gifting registration special. Create a printable version of a gift certificate for your registrants to fill out and wrap up.

Get Social

We’re not talking ugly Christmas sweater party social. Social media is always buzzing, but it’s especially active during the holiday season. Update your social media profiles to reflect the season. Use a holiday hashtag on Instagram or Twitter to promote talk about your event. For example, you could use a hashtag such as #WinterRUNderland and encourage followers to post pictures or stories of their winter running adventures. People love to connect like-minded individuals and something as simple as a hashtag can go a long way to unite your followers.

Contests are another great way to reel your followers in and get them excited about your event. Run a holiday contest on Facebook or Instagram. The winners get free registration and you gain a whole new email list and momentum for your event.

Sale On

It’s not only the season of giving but the season of giving away. Since everyone else is offering sales, join in the fun. Offer discounts not only on registration but on race and brand merchandise as well. You want your customers stockings stuffed with your merchandise.

Don’t be afraid to make your sales playful. Create a flash sale where registrants only have a few hours to grab hold of the deal. Hype up your sale with social media teasers. Create clever email titles using holiday songs or winter themes. Put holiday headers and footers in your email to continue to spread the cheer. Make your sale stand out!

It Doesn’t Stop at Christmas

Just because Christmas comes and goes does not mean your holiday push ends there. The New Year is a time for resolutions and so many of those resolutions include getting healthy, getting in shape or challenging oneself. Provide training plans, tips and tricks to kick-starting the new year. Offer special New Year promotions or price breaks for your event. You want your event to be part of their resolution.

So, here’s to Santa bringing you lots of registrations this holiday. ‘Tis the season to be racing! Happy Holidays from ACTIVE Network.