3 Reasons To Try Mobile Express Checkout

MobileExpressCheckout Nowadays, we have no patience. It’s not our fault. Everything around us has picked up speed. Gone are the days of the dial-up modem. We want our information and we want it fast. In fact, we are bombarded with so much information that we now selectively pick and choose how and when we consume it.

The Future of Event Registration is Mobile, and the Future is Here

Our information is literally in the palm of our hand – and that’s how most people prefer to get it. Mobile usage ranks higher than tablets, home computers and TV as the medium of choice across North America.

That’s why we created a new feature for ACTIVE Works Endurance called Mobile Express Checkout. How many people have you lost during the event registration process who have difficulty registering or simply get bored or distracted in the middle of registration on their mobile device? Those orphaned users represent lost dollars, and Mobile Express Checkout is a great way to reel them back in.

Registering on Mobile Can be a Pain!

But it doesn’t have to be. With Mobile Express Checkout, users can skip the mundane steps of registration and get right to the end. Once they’ve paid, the registrants will then receive an email reminding them to go back and complete the full registration form. This way, if registrants prefer to type and fill out personal information on their home computer instead of their phone, they can do so, but you are able to collect their money up front. And of course, we know how important social media is to endurance events. Registrants can tell their friends on Facebook about their upcoming race the second they register, with the simple click of a button. It’s all about real time.

3 Reasons to Try Mobile Express Checkout:


Mobile Express Checkout is not a separate feature from ACTIVE Works Endurance, it’s simply an add-on. To activate Mobile Express Checkout, contact your Account Manager. Once it’s on, you can use it for the rest of your future events.


Mobile Express Checkout is as easy as the click of a button. Registrants are able to sign up in a few short steps. And it includes a new, built-in report you can use to track these registrations and send follow-up communications.


ACTIVE.com statistics show that almost half of our traffic originates from a mobile or tablet device, yet less than 10% of registrations occur from those devices. Mobile Express Checkout is specifically designed to capitalize on the enormous use of mobile and close the gap between these statistics for our customers. With Mobile Express Checkout you can more easily convert online viewers into registrants and increase your bottom line.

Download the Mobile Express How-To Guide to see how it works for yourself!

To learn more about how Mobile Express Checkout works, visit our ACTIVE Works Help Center.