Encouragement and Participation: Being a Cheerleader for Your Racers

Note: Normareach downlly we use this blog to share endurance industry and event information, but today we’d like to take a different route. We’re sharing a message that was sent to ACTIVE employees who will be participating in our ACTIVEx Charity Challenge at the U.S. Open Triathlon this weekend in Rockwall, TX. Many will be competing in their first triathlon. It’s from our Director of Community Engagement, Arch Fuston.

This is just a reminder that all participants in our events are individuals who need encouragement, reminders and reassurance. Stay in communication with your participants and remember that we all need cheerleaders in our corner. Be that cheerleader for your participants and they’ll thank you for it.

Fear. Intimidation. Doubt. Black eyes on our psyche. When you put yourselves out there, in front of new challenges and new obstacles, it’s easy to let the stress and anxiety of it cloud the experience. But listen: you have a choice. It’s all about perspective. This is my favorite part of the ACTIVEx Charity Challenge, and why we love the sport of triathlon. As I’ve said time and time again, we’re not trying to create triathletes. Our goal is to confront challenging things that make us feel vulnerable and intimidated, and help us grow as people.

Over the next few days, take a different view of what you’re about to do. Get yourself registered for the event and start with a commitment to yourself. Once you do that, find a new vantage point to examine that fear. Dissect it. Challenge it. Rationalize it. Then put it aside and position yourself for success. You can do this. I’ve seen it happen over and over for the past 8 years. I can’t think of one person that has come up to me after crossing the finish line and had something negative to say (they may have said “I hate you” a couple of times, but it was in jest). And I’ve seen it all. Not one of them was incapable of conquering that fear.
The sooner you can build your tool box of skills to confront fear, the better life you will live. I guarantee it. Be bold. Be brave. Stare down those fears. Let’s thrive off of one another and go have some fun. You’re leading the ACTIVEx charge in Dallas!

If you have specific concerns that are keeping you from 16207pre_f12c4c1e14d269bregistering for the actual race, PLEASE, call me ASAP. Let’s talk it out.  If you wish to switch registration categories, I simply challenge you to consider WHY you want to change. To make it easier? You haven’t trained hard enough? Excuses. You can do this. You can do easy stuff all day long. This is your opportunity to push…through, over, and beyond.

I will never talk you into something if it is putting you in harm’s way, but I will absolutely challenge you to not let your head be your biggest barrier. You’re welcome.

If you would like to share in our community efforts, please donate $30 to give 1 underprivileged child the chance to participate in community activities for our ACTIVEx Kids in the Game Charity Challenge.