Race Categories Can Mean More Cash

ACTIVE Works Endurance CategoriesSo you’re an event director who’s thinking about your next big event. Or maybe it’s your FIRST big event. Either way, we’re betting there’s something you haven’t fully thought through: categories! You’re probably asking, why are categories so important? Because they can make you more money!  And revenue is always important, even if you’re just doing it for charity.

Next question: what can a category do for me that’s so revolutionary? Simple- it can and will expand your event’s horizons.

Let’s look at a newbie event organizer who’s doing his or her first 5K. If all you set up is a 5K, you could be missing the boat. Adding a 1-mile fun run opens your event up to spectators, participants’ families and other unintended athletes. It’s easy to squeeze in a new category for your event without creating a whole new event.

Looking at the expert obstacle race event, there tons of viable categories. Depending on how long your race is, you can offer half-race versions, 5K trail runs or even throw in a race-and-bike option. Each one can offer a category for people with different preferences, athletic abilities and price thresholds.

Marathons and triathlon events are a natural fit for providing different race categories, with half-marathon, sprint-triathlon and friendly 5k options.

Regardless of the endurance event you choose, don’t leave money on the table. There’s always an easy category to add on. Stretch outside your comfort zone and an extra race category will be worth your while.

And just to make things even easier for you, we’ve created a short webinar that covers how to use the Registration Category feature in Active Works Endurance. It’s 30 minutes, FREE and covers everything you need to know about AWE Registration Categories. So register for this webinar today…and start using your categories to the fullest.

Registration Categories Webinar
October 15, 2014
Time: 4:00 PM CST
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