Emergency Action Plans: Winging it is Not a Plan

Through a partnership with the Ad Council, FEMA recently released several humorous PSAs that mock family emergency action plans…which, all-too-often, consist of not having one.

Mom: So, I’ve come up with an family emergency plan.

Daughter: What is it?

Mom: It’s difficult to explain so I’m not telling you.

Daughter: How will we know what to do?

Mom: You won’t.

Daughter: I’m so glad I won’t have to remember anything. {Hugs mom}

Dad: Me too.

Is Your Event Prepared for Disaster?
Previously, event contingency planning was just about weather. Now, the landscape has changed and we need to be concerned with other hypotheticals. None of us are immune to being hit by an extreme situation that is out of our control, but we can be well prepared for it.

If 6 out of 10 families don’t have emergency plans, it’s safe to say a sizeable number of organizations probably don’t either. This is a conversation that must be had, and the difficulty of it cannot be an obstacle!

This conversation will begin with identification of the goals and objectives for the emergency response plan. You’ll assign an emergency response team and define what they are expected to do during an emergency, such as evacuate employees and visitors, provide first aid, set up a central command station, etc.

Don’t Know Where to Start?
Insurance companies, local emergency response officials, the American Red Cross, and the local office of FEMA will have resources to use in developing the plan. Also, check out our 6 Tips From Race Directors on Handling Event Emergencies, as well as the Pitfalls of Common Event Medical Solutions.

Once the plan has been developed and in place, training will be required. And the plan must also be evaluated periodically to determine if any new situations have been addressed.

While you’re at it, go ahead and encourage your staff to create their own family emergency action plans (you too!).

Hopefully, disaster preparedness is something you never need, but one thing is for sure: It’s something you’ll never regret.