We’ve Got Your Back: Race Day is Over…Now What?

finishlineRace day is over! Congratulations on hosting another excellent event. You’ve been hard at work for months to ensure that your event came together nicely. Now that the excitement has slowed and you’re back at home, it’s time for a little rest and relaxation. You deserve a nice, long, and (hopefully) enjoyable break before thinking about your next event. No need to worry! We want to help, so we’ve put together a list of resources to assist you in wrapping up.

Thank Your Participants
Remember that your participants make your event possible. These folks trained hard to prepare for race day, so make sure to show them some post-race love. Consider sending an email with a simple thank you for participating, or even advise adding a calendar reminder to start training (and when to register) for next year. Participants may also need help with cancellations, refunds, and transfers. If you need some downtime, you may want to give others access to administration for your organization. You may even consider offering an early bird discount to returning runners (or referrals) for next year. Offering $5 off registration for next year could be exactly what the doctor ordered to have more of your participants return. If you need other ideas, check out our resources!

Post Results
Runners like to see how they stacked up against others. Seeing how they performed is one small piece, but more importantly, they gain an incentive to work even harder next time. If you haven’t used ACTIVE’s complimentary Results platform before, login to results.active.com and get started today! As a side note, first-time users will need to request access to verify you are, in fact, a human being.

Reporting & Reconciliation
Do you know how to access the wealth of information that was collected from your participants? Did you receive all of your payments? Gather all necessary data from reports to ensure that you can easily prepare for next year and reconcile your payments from ACTIVE.

These simple tips will help you keep your participants happy and returning to your event year after year!

If you need more help, please check out the ACTIVE Works® Endurance Help Center. Now, kick back and relax.