ACTIVE Works News: Introducing Mobile Express Checkout

You want to offer your participants easy options to register for your event, but let’s face it: registering for an event on a smartphone is no easy feat. Filling out a long registration form on a mobile device is a daunting task for participants. Not to mention, we can all get a little distracted when we receive a phone call or a social media notification pops on the screen. In an instant, your potential participant has dropped out of the registration path. That’s why we created a new feature to speed things up for on-the-go participants, while increasing your registration conversion rates.

When it comes to event registration technology, we want it to be really easy to use for both event directors and participants. We are constantly innovating and improving our products to address trends in the industry and accommodate real-life situations.

What’s New: Mobile Express Checkout
Mobile Express Checkout is a free feature in ACTIVE Works that simplifies and enhances the registration experience for mobile registrants. The system automatically detects mobile users and offers them the opportunity to register with a 2-step registration process. Once they have registered, participants will receive an email confirming their entry and payment. A second email will prompt them to fill out the full registration form at their own convenience.

Why You Care
34% of participants attempt to register for events from their smartphone, but only 11% of those people complete the registration. This means a lot of lost revenue for you. Mobile Express Checkout offers a better experience for participants, and a smoother process overall. Say good-bye to incomplete and abandoned registrations, and say hello to increased conversion rates!

Where You Can Access It
Log in to ACTIVE Works, enter your Event Set Up and select the Event Restrictions option on the right-hand side. Then simply check the box to enable the Mobile Express Checkout feature.

Download the Mobile Express How-To Guide to See How it Works for Yourself!

If you need more help with Mobile Express Checkout or anything else click here to access the ACTIVE Works Help Center

Mobile Express Checkout is available in EMEA and APAC from July 2014 and coming soon to North America.