Top 6 Posts from First 6 Months of 2014


6Maybe you were on vacation. Or maybe your inbox was crammed. Or maybe you’re new to this blog. For whatever reason you may have missed some of our top posts, we thought we’d give you a little mid-year recap of what people are reading most.

Here is a list of our six most popular posts of the first six months of this year:

1. 12 Pieces of Advice from 12 Event Directors (posted January 9th)

2. The Ultimate Social Media Playbook for Endurance – Free Guide (posted February 9th)

3. How to Outsmart Facebook’s News Feed – Free Guide (posted February 27th)

4. 6 Tips from Race Directors on Handling Event Emergencies (posted March 19th)

5. Tracking Down the People Who ALMOST Registered for Your Event (posted April 1st)

6. Permits & Finances: Event Planning Essentials – Free Guide (posted May 13th)

We get it! You guys really like the free event director guides. Well, we’ll have plenty more coming your way, so stay tuned. And if you have any suggestions for future posts, please let us know!