5 Ways Sponsored Social Media Photography Benefits Your Event Sponsors

This is our second guest post from Eitan Hefetz, founder and CEO of Pic2Go Ltd.

Sponsored social media race photography is an emerging event trend that gives participants race photos for free in order to increase social media sharing. The photos are branded with the race or sponsors logo and have the potential to reach a huge audience of friends and family of the athletes via their social network. Optimally the photos would be posted to social media live during the race – utilizing advanced bib number recognition software, race photo-tagging and a social media distribution platform.

Here are 5 ways the sponsored social media photography model benefits not only your event, but your sponsors as well:

1. Engagement

Running a marathon is a unique experience which takes months of training and preparation. Reaching the finish line is a personal achievement most people are proud of and love to share through social media.

When you post participants’ race photos, you’re helping them celebrate their achievement and simultaneously driving massive social media engagement via “likes,” “shares,” and comments of friends and family congratulating the athlete. For your sponsors, that’s a lot of prime exposure for their logo/brand. Example from Vodafone, sponsor of 2014 Malta Marathon:


2. Audience

Campaign reach is one of the most important measures of success for sponsors, as well as the demographics of the audience reached. Many sponsors are attracted to racing events because the audience is typically a mid-to-high socio-economic class.

Sponsored social media race photography leverages your sponsors’ investment by reaching a huge audience that would not be normally accessible to them. The participants’ friends and followers will see the photos, who are often in the same socio-economic class. The high engagement with the photos and visual aspect of the posts ensure they will get maximum reach with your sponsors’ ideal audience.


3. Gratitude

Brands and sponsors are striving to create an emotional connection with their target audience. Sponsored social media race photography is an optimal channel for sponsors to generate such a powerful bond with the participants, as well as with their social circles.

Athletes love their race photos and if those photos are provided for free, they are grateful. We’ve seen great feedback from athletes time and time again:


4. Fan Acquisition

Fan pages are a dominant channel for brands and sponsors to keep constant interaction with their target audience. Sponsored social media race photography strengthens this channel for sponsors. The emotional connection established by receiving race photos for free often converts participants into brand fans.

We’ve seen many races and sponsors utilizing our platform to further build their fan base with the athletes of the races they are sponsoring.


5. Brand Image

Being a race sponsor is very much about portraying your brand as a leader that supports people who challenge themselves and seek new achievements.

Since the industry is only beginning to adopt this new model of sponsored social media race photography, the sponsors that are involved are perceived as innovative and only strengthen their brand image!








About Eitan Hefetz:
Eitan Hefetz, founder and CEO of Pic2Go Ltd., a pioneer solution provider for sponsored race photography.

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