Tracking Down the People Who ALMOST Registered for Your Event

distractedWe all can get a little (or a lot) distracted. We start to do something and get sidetracked, and then forget what we were originally trying to do. Sound familiar? That’s just reality!

When it comes to our race registration technology, we want it to be really easy to use for both event directors and participants, but we also want it to accommodate these real-life situations. We know it could be the easiest registration system in the universe, but the baby would start crying, or the phone would ring, or a trending tweet would pop up and poof! Your potential participant has been distracted and dropped out of the registration path.

The good news is that there is a way combat this predilection for distraction. It’s called the Prospective Registration Report. This report allows you to see who started registering for your event, but didn’t complete the process.  

You know that these prospective registrants were already so interested in your event than they began to register. That means they have a much higher potential to finish their registration that anyone else you are marketing to. With this report, you can reach out to the people who fell out of the registration process and get them back on track. Maybe send them an email offering a discount or a free t-shirt. Or send them a video of your finish line to remind them how incredibly fun the event will be. Whatever you choose to do, you now have another great tool to help increase numbers for you event.

Check out how to get the Prospective Registration Report in ACTIVE Works.