Can We Get Your Advice?

expertIn our last blog post, Eitan Hefetz of Pic2Go told us about a new model of race photography. Prior to that, Leslie Prevish of Prevish Marketing wrote about how to market to girls and women. And a few weeks before that, Sarah Rawley sent us a post about emergency medical services at events. Why we telling you this? Because these things were all part of big discussions at endurance industry conferences this year and we want you to know that this blog is platform for experts to share their knowledge on topics like these.

So can we get your advice? If you are an expert or an insider on something that is important to the endurance industry, we’d love you to share it on this blog: new trends/ideas, marketing, social media, diversity in the sport, sponsorships, operations, etc. If you’d like to write a blog post yourself, great…or you can simply submit an idea for a blog! Either way we’re all ears and the only rule is that the topic must be helpful to the industry at large.

To submit a blog post or post idea, leave a comment below or email me!