ACTIVE Works News: Finish Buttons & Add-On Item Flexibility

Here’s an update on what’s been added recently to your favorite event management system, ACTIVE Works. These shiny new features are all about speeding things up for participants! Take a read:

What’s New:  “Finish & Exit” Button in On-Site Kiosk Mode
When a participant completes an on-site registration for your event (on race morning, at an expo, at a finish line, etc) via a kiosk, they will now see a big yellow “Finish & Exit” button on their confirmation page.












Why You Care
This is an additional security measure that we’ve added to ensure participants registering on-site will immediately log out after the registration process is complete.  When a participant clicks “Finish & Exit,” they lock up and throw away the key to their personal and financial information, and the kiosk resets to your event’s category select page, ready for the next participant to sign up. It’s safe and fast!

Where You Can Access It
When the kiosk mode is enabled for your event, this button will automatically appear on the confirmation page.

What’s New:  Show/Hide Add-On Item Info
You can now choose to show or hide additional information for specific add-on items within the registration flow.

Why You Care
Maybe you have a bunch of different price types for your event. Or maybe you have a category that’s sold out unless you’re a charity participant. Either way, many events are now offering lots of different options for participants, which can turn into a very long registration form unless something is done about it. Our solution is to allow event directors to decide which details to show/hide in the section headers of their event add-ons. That way, participants won’t get confused and will only see the registration details that are relevant to them, getting them through the process faster.

Where You Can Access It
Go to Event Setup > Add-On Settings 

For more information, go to the ACTIVE Works Help Center.