The Ultimate Social Media Playbook for Endurance Events

playbookSocial media is kinda like Miley Cyrus–everyone is talking about it, but very few people know what’s really going on and no one knows what’s coming next. It’s obvious that social media is really important for participant engagement, so today’s post is about getting rid of all that hype and getting down to what’s real. We’re going to teach you (almost) everything we know about social media in one fell swoop.

We called up a few people who are social media experts, including our in-house director of digital and social media, Justin Ramers, and pooled their knowledge to create the ultimate playbook for event directors. This is no rinky-dink high-level one-pager–we put some serious time into writing a detailed guide that we hope will be incredibly useful to you. This bad boy takes you through the five major social channels, describing them and giving ideas on how to use them before, during and after your event. Plus, we define common social media terms and teach you tools for analytics and results.

If you’ve been looking for a play-by-play social media guide, you’ve found it: