ACTIVE Works News: Mass Coupons, Captains & Offline Donations

Check out the latest updates to ACTIVE Works, your favorite event management tool ever (we hope). Keep these new additions in mind to save yourself some data entry, to provide better options for customer service, and to get a stronger grasp on your revenue channels.

What’s New:  Mass Coupon Code Upload
Organizers will now be able to upload up to 1,000 coupon codes at a time.

Why You Care
Previously event organizers were limited to uploading 500 discount codes when doing a batch creation of coupons, but now the upper limit has been moved to 1,000! This is great for organizers who use lots of unique coupon codes to market their event and drive registration—now you’ll be able to spend a lot less time uploading different batches of codes.

Where You Can Access It
Log in to ACTIVE Works and go to: Tools > Discounts > Upload Bulk Discounts

What’s New: Non-Participating Team Captains
A person is now able to designate themselves as team captain during registration, without having to be a participant.

Why You Care
The ability for a person to be a non-participating team captain is great for parents, as well as corporate or charity teams.  The captains still have full admin access and are able to orchestrate details from the sidelines. Meanwhile event directors don’t have to fiddle with the system to ensure someone who doesn’t intend to participate won’t count against team or event capacities.

Where You Can Access It
Log in to ACTIVE Works and go to: Registration Settings > Price Type

What’s New:  Offline Donations in Dashboards
Offline donations will now be accounted for in your individual and team fundraising dashboards and websites as if they were on online donations.

Why You Care
Any fundraisers who collect offline donations won’t have to add them manually to the online donation totals any longer. The numbers in the system will be now encompass both online and offline amounts, so you have an accurate grasp on how much you’ve been able to fundraise in a quick glance! No calculator needed.

Where You Can Access It
Offline donation amounts will automatically display within the system, you don’t need to do anything. 

Click here to access the ACTIVE Works Help Center