Lessons for 2014

LessonOur last post talked about the top blogs of 2013, which is good insight into what’s important for 2014–not only hot topics for event directors, but trends that we see gaining strength. If we look back, there are a few lessons we learned in 2013 that we want to make sure we carry into the New Year.

Keep these 3 lessons in mind for 2014 so you can continue to improve your event:

1. Social Media is Still Dominant
Whether it was our webinars, articles, or blog posts, social media was one of the most popular topics for event directors in 2014. And rightly so. It is a big gateway to reach participants, establish a relationship with them, and drive registration. The events that do social media well see huge returns in participation numbers and loyalty, so it will be even more important in 2014 to master the social game.

We’ve got something BIG coming your way to help with that…a detailed Social Media Playbook will soon be launched. Stay tuned!

2. Being an Event Director is More Complex Than Ever
Being an event director has always involved logistics and permits, requiring you to organize everything from road closures to emergency services to finish line banners. But now more than ever event directors are expected to be circus ring masters–not only are you coordinating the logistics, but you are responsible for orchestrating a great experience. That means customer service must be top notch and event day must be spectacular to stay profitable in a very competitive industry.

What that means to us is our technology needs to do more for you. We need to take on more of the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on the participants and the event experience you’re creating for them. We’ve got some pretty exciting product enhancements coming in 2014 that will make it even easier to manage teams, pricing, budget, finances and more. Keep your eyes open for our ACTIVE Works News blog posts…there are some important things coming up soon.

3. Learning from Others is Helpful 
Whether is was the appreciative comments we got on our Event Director of the Month articles or the great responses we received from Anton Villatoro’s practical and informative webinars, it was obvious to us that event directors are open, and eager, to learn from their peers. There are a lot of tiny details that need to be accounted for and done right, and the typical event director is a perfectionist who is focused on avoiding mistakes at all costs! We get that and will be doing more in 2014 to put the words and advice of endurance experts in front of you.

Coming your way in the next few months will be an Event Director Guide based on how to optimize your registration path (based on industry research). We’ll also have our monthly Event Director feature, and a few webinars that will be presented by people who really know what they’re talking about.

Overall, we are really excited for 2014. If you have any comments or suggestions on topics we can present to you in this blog or on our website that would be helpful, please let us know! Comment below.