ACTIVE Works News: Social Media Logins, Participant Searches, Confirm Emails & Custom Reports

In this edition of our ACTIVE Works update, we’ve got a lot to tell you! It’s hard to summarize the four new items below, but essentially each one offers more options and/or better functionality. Have a read:

loginWhat’s New: Log in to ACTIVE Passport with Google+ and Twitter
In addition to Facebook, participants can now authenticate their identity using both Google+ and Twitter.

Why You Care
The number of Google+ users is drastically on the rise…and Twitter is not to be overlooked.  Participants now have two additional (and quick) options to create an account or login to ACTIVE Passport during registration. With Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ authentications now enabled, all of your major social media bases are covered, and it’s easier than ever for participants to complete the registration process.

Where You Can Access It
This is will be presented to users automatically during registration.

searchWhat’s New: Improved Search for Registrants
You can now search by registration number and order number (in addition to name) to find a registrant within ACTIVE Works.

Why You Care
There are a variety of reasons you need to track down a registrant’s information and you may not always have their name. Or you do have their name and it’s John Smith…which brings up 100 guys. To help make this process easier, you can now search by registration or order number. You’ll be able to find the right person, faster.

Where You Can Access It
Go to the global search box in ACTIVE Works.

EmailWhat’s New: Price and Category Included in Confirmation Emails
Confirmation emails sent to all participants will include the price type in addition to the registration category.

Why You Care
How many times has a participant called or emailed you, unsure of what exactly it was they signed up for, and you end up digging through registration records to help sort them out? Adding the simple (but essential) information of the price and category into the confirmation emails makes it easier for your participants to verify what they have registered for and saves event directors from some digging.

Where You Can Access It
This information will automatically be included in confirmation emails.

reportWhat’s New: More Flexibility with Custom Report Templates
Event directors now can edit and save changes to their existing custom report templates.

Why You Care
Instead of having to recreate an entire report when you want to make a small change (for example, adding or removing a column), you can now easily edit an existing custom template and then just click “save.”  This was a top request from many of our clients—it will be easier to get exactly the info you need from your custom reports.

Where You Can Access It
Access your custom report templates in the Reports Center.

Click here to access the ACTIVE Works Help Center