Team Management & What Event Directors Have the Power to Do

ElectricRunTeamYou (the event organizer) have a lot of power when it comes to managing your teams in ACTIVE Works. We made sure of that because we realize how important it is. Team participation is growing rapidly across all types of endurance events and we don’t want you to struggle with workarounds when dealing with your groupies.

Here’s how it breaks down. You can create 2 different types of teams within ACTIVE Works:

Group-Registration Teams:
Captain creates a team and pre-pays for all team members in advance.
Team member names and all other required registration info are filled in by the captain. From there, an email invitation is sent to each person that includes information on how to complete the waiver.

Your superpowers include the ability to:

  • Edit registration details of team members
  • Optionally specify if group-registration teams should be relay teams (you can edit legs if relay option is chosen)
  • View list of teams under Teams tab
  • See current purchases

*Note: Group-registration teams must be cancelled in full in order to make changes to the team member rosters, change team, or change categories. 

Team captain superpowers (that you bestow upon them) include the ability to:

  • Email all team members through the Team Center inviting them to complete their registration 

Self-Registration Teams:
Captain creates a team as he/she is registering for your event. Each team member must register and pay for themselves individually. 

Your superpowers include the ability to:

  • Set prices
    • Charge a team creation fee
    • Create and offer a team member discount
    • Configure teams
      • Set the maximum number of members per team
      • Add or delete team members
      • Change teams
      • Require that team members register for the same event category as their captain
      • Require registrants of a certain category/price type to join or create a team
      • Transfer categories of team members

Team captain superpowers (that you bestow upon them) include the ability to:

  • Require team members to use a password to register (private team)
  • Manage/edit their own registration info
  • View team members registration info & categories
  • Email team members
  • Invite individuals to join their team 

Regardless of the types of teams you set up for your event, as the all-powerful event organizer you can go to the Teams tab in ACTIVE Works and:

  • See a list of all teams
  • Edit team information
  • View team passwords (if private teams)
  • Swap team captains
  • See current purchases
  • Edit registration details of team members

NEW! Fresh Off the Press Team Functionality…

Pre-Paid Teams
The event organizer AND/OR team captain can pre-pay for team members, reserving inventory in the event and capacity on the team. If pre-paid spots exist on a team, the team captain is able to manage and send invitations to individuals to redeem invites and get them signed up without having to pay the registration fee.
This functionality is available now.

Non-Participating Team Captains
Team captains can create and register a team, but will not be counted as a participant in the event themselves. This is great for corporate or charity teams, as well as for parents of youth participants. The team captain will be able to edit and manage the team, just like any other team captain!
This functionality will be released December 2013.

Got any other questions about your team management powers in ACTIVE Works? Go to the Help Center or contact us.