Putting Out an AP Message – Always Promote!

woman_phoneThe other day a client called us and she was upset. (We’ll call her Shelly, after my favorite aunt.) Shelly had posted her event on a bunch of free websites such as ACTIVE.com, but the registrations weren’t flooding in. ‘What’s the problem?’ she asked us.

That got us thinking that there might be a lot of organizers out there who might not understand that event promotion is an ongoing, holistic effort. Shelly’s free event listing on ACTIVE.com is just the first step–it’s exposure to people who are looking for activities. But it’s important for Shelly to remember she’s still competing with lots of other events, even when she’s advertising to a highly targeted audience like ACTIVE.com. That means it’s going to take continual work and marketing efforts to keep those registrations coming in…so always be promoting!

“Ok, so where do I start?” Shelly asked. Good question. Between social media, online ads, PR, etc, there’s a lot to think about and we don’t want you to be overwhelmed. That’s why we have a bunch of free resources that you can use to promote your event, even if you have zero marketing budget. Here are a few for you:

At ACTIVE, we hang our hat on the fact that we can help you promote your event and we mean it. Even if you aren’t a customer of ours, we truly believe in the importance of activity and want to help all event directors get more people off the couch and out participating.

If you have questions about how to promote your event, or would like more free resources, just send us a note. We can help!