Recording Now Available: Permits & Finances Webinar


“The two most important things a race director needs to pull off an event is permission and money. You cannot have an event without both.”

Wow! We had 700+ people register for last week’s webinar on Permits & Finances: Event Planning Essentials, presented by Anton Villatoro of RaceHQ. We knew this would be a hot topic, but its popularity surpassed our expectations…which means we’ll have more coming your way on this topic soon.

If you missed it, or attended and want a replay, here’s the recording that you can bookmark and watch whenever you have time:

Permits & Finances: Event Planning Essentials (Webinar On Demand)

Important points from the webinar include:

  • Identifying potential partners that can help you approach permitting authorities for the types of permits you need
  • Getting the proper insurance
  • Developing and institutionalizing financial disciplines and controls across your entire organization
  • Analyzing pricing strategies, categorizing expenses, tracking goals, and more!

A BIG thanks to Anton for sharing his experience and knowledge. The most valuable thing we can offer race directors is practical, actionable advice, which this webinar certainly provided.

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