ACTIVE Works News: Mandatory Fundraising, Donations & Teams

You want to offer your participants lots of options when they register, but sometimes that can get confusing. Which means that you end up with a lot of admin work on the back end to clean up all of the “interesting” options participants chose. So we decided to help you out. Event directors can now control more options during registration, giving you the power to make certain choices mandatory. This means less admin, a better experience for registrants, and a smoother process overall.

fundraisingWhat’s New: Enable Mandatory Fundraising or Donations
When setting up an event, organizers can now select whether they’d like to make fundraising and/or donations mandatory for participants as they register.

Why You Care
Maybe you require fundraising in lieu of a registration fee. Or maybe your event sold out, but you want to open up some select spots to fundraisers only. Whatever the reason you need to make fundraising and/or donations a requirement to register, you can now easily enforce this, instead of just offering it as an option.

Where You Can Access It
Go to the Event Setup and then navigate to Fundraising (Step 7) to enable these settings.

teamWhat’s New: Forced Team Participation
Event organizers now have the power to ensure that all people registering for a specified category/price type must either join or create a team.

Why You Care
This was on the very top of our priority list for new features because so many of you requested it! Previously it wasn’t possible to require team participation, so if event organizers wanted to offer a specific price type to teams or be more flexible with capacities in team categories, it was difficult to enforce. Now, it’s no problem.  You can guarantee that if someone enters a category/price type, they have joined or created a team.

Where You Can Access It
Enable self-registration teams in the Event Setup, then go to Step 4 to enable forced team participation.

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