Subject Lines, Part II: 6 NEW Ways to Get Your Emails Opened


Last year we wrote a post about email subject lines and gave you 6 ideas on how to phrase them to get people to open your emails. Well, it was a pretty popular post, so we’d thought we do an update and add 6 NEW ideas that you can put into play to try to get that ever-elusive double click that will put your email in full display to recipients.

To review, the original 6 ideas were:
1. Be specific
2. Ask a question
3. Include value/urgency
4. Use numbers/lists
5. Give a news flash
6. Get personal

Here are 6 new ideas that we’ve seen get good results, in both the endurance industry and beyond:

7. Non-Sequiturs
Use nonsense–things that don’t fit together–to grab the eye and stir curiosity.

Registration is selling out faster than a speeding cactus
Can growing a mustache for charity help you run faster?

8. Unfinished Sentences
It’s only natural for people to want to finish the sentence or see what’s behind the curtain.

You won’t believe what we’ve added to the course…
My favorite part of the race is…

9. Lists of 3
Something about a three-some is appealing. Lists of three (whether it’s in a subject line, in bullet points, or even three paragraphs of text), tend to get the most response and readership.

Mud, Sun & Complete Mayhem
Bike Over, Bike Under, Bike Up

10. Shock & Awe
Throw in words with a little edge or surprise to attract interest and attention.

An obstacle course that will be a kick to your stomach
Click unlike on your couch – register now
We bet our mom could beat you – take the challenge & register

11. Made-Up Words
This is a very popular marketing technique, which you may not even realize. If you take a look at the almighty Apple, the company uses words like “funness” and “renanoed.” Why? Because it works! Try it in your emails.

Do you have race-itude?
Grab your friends and register for an incredible event-ication
Become an expert in mud pit-ology

12. Pop Culture References
This is an easy way for you to capitalize on what’s “trending” or what already on people’s minds in their everyday lives.

Register now for an event that’s more popular than twerking
Get a medal that makes an Oscar statue look boring

Whether you use one of these 12 ideas or come up with your own creative ones, just remember to track your open rates to see what’s working and what’s not. In the end, the results are all that matters.

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