ACTIVE Works News: Better Email & ACTIVE Checkout Functionality

In this edition of our product news, we’ve got two features that we’ve made “more better.” One lets you add more customization and the other removes an extra step…but both are designed to help you get more people to the start line. Check them out:

emailWhat’s New: More Email Customization
Event organizers can now fully customize the emails they send through the ACTIVE Works broadcast email tool by using/adding HTML.

Why You Care
The more personalized your emails, the better the results you get (not just because we say so…this is proven!). You can now insert HTML into the body of an email so it has a custom look and feel to match your event’s branding. This customization is important to everyone—you can strengthen your branding and increase clicks while email recipients get more targeted messages.

Where You Can Access It
Go to the email tool within ACTIVE Works.

checkoutWhat’s New: Better ACTIVE Checkout for New Events
All NEW events in ACTIVE Works not using a custom frame will begin using a better checkout process for participants.

Why You Care
The new ACTIVE Checkout improves the registration experience for participants because it cuts out one step in the checkout process. This helps registrants get to the confirmation page quicker, which ultimately translates into more registrations for events.  Plus, logged in registrants will also have the option to save their payment information to a wallet ID for even quicker checkout in the future.

Where You Can Access It
This is automatically included for all events not using custom frames.  Events using custom frames will be transitioned separately over the next few months

NOTE: This will be available to all new events that are created in ACTIVE Works. However, any client that has an existing event and is using a custom frame will have to contact their account manager to have this functionality enabled.  

Click here to access the ACTIVE Works Help Center