The Newly Redesigned is Here


Things may look a little different to you on! In an effort to make the site more event-centric and simplify transactions (registrations) for users, we have changed the look and feel of We’re still testing and shifting some elements around, so don’t get too attached to a certain picture or link, but overall the redesigned site is doing a better job at promoting great events like yours.

Here are a few of the top changes that will benefit you:

  • Homepage Activity Feeds: Having activities promoted on the homepage is a big important change, considering they were not promoted on the old homepage at all. The Activity Feeds are populated with events based off the location and interests (selected during account creation) of the user. If the user is not logged in or hasn’t selected any interests, the default is to display endurance events.

This is all good news. Not only are we dedicating much more “real estate” to promote events, but the Activity Feed is designed to be customized to what a user is most likely to register for. And of course, customers are promoted over non-customers. Our customers’ events will bubble up to the top of all Feeds!

Note: Activity Feeds are also present on the sport pages such as the Running, Cycling, and Triathlon pages.

  • Better Search Functionality: When a user searches by event name, location, type, etc., the results will now be more refined and applicable. We are continually improving our search functionality to give users exactly what they’re looking for and ensure your events are seen by a targeted audience.
  • Registration Alerts: On your event details page, there is now an option for users to “Turn on Alert.” When a user selects this, they will receive an email two days before registration opens and two days before it closes. This automatically ensures that anyone interested in your event will know exactly when registration is open for business, helping you drive participation.

These are just the top 3! We have lots more planned for and all of it will be geared to promote events more effectively.

Contact us if you have any questions about how your event can benefit from the newly redesigned