ACTIVE Works News: Categories in Your Dashboard & Prospective Registrations API

Who doesn’t love the Event Dashboard? We keep building more details into it because so many of our customers tell us they rely on the quick-glance stats throughout each busy day. So this month we added more category information to the Dashboard…read about it below. Plus, we’re giving you another option when you want to view prospective registrations.

categories-iconWhat’s New: Registration Category & Price Category Details on Event Dashboard
A new dashboard component to allow event organizers to view inventory and capacity numbers for registration categories and price categories.

Why You Care
Event directors will be able to quickly see which registration and price categories are close to selling out, whereas previously the Dashboard only displayed the number of overall registrations.  You’ll get more detail, in just a glance, helping you manage your numbers and adjust your plans.

Where You Can Access It
Go to your Event Dashboard and click on the “More” link on the Registration widget.

registrationWhat’s New: Prospective Registrations via API
A few weeks ago, we introduced a new report that allowed event organizers to view data on people that started the registration process, but did not complete it.  Now event organizers can access data on prospective registrations through an API.

Why You Care
You’ve had the ability to view a report on prospective registrations for several weeks, which helps you follow up with consumers and encourage them to finish their registrations. The new functionality gives you another option. You can download the report and then send an email to those unfinished registrants via ACTIVE Works (as usual) OR you can access an API to retrieve this data, using your own CRM and email system.  For the more tech savvy event directors out there, this will allow you to access the prospective registrations data more easily, so you can quickly reach out to them with a little push towards completing their registration.

Where You Can Access It
Contact your account manager to get access to the API.

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