ACTIVE Works News: More Help Center Options

We’ve recently added some things to ACTIVE Works that we think will make your ears perk up: you’ve now got even more support options. We know that reading through instruction manuals doesn’t always suit your mood, so here are two more ways to get help when you need it:

What’s New: Help Videos & Quick Links
If you prefer to watch versus read tips and how-tos, you’re in luck. The Help Center now includes a video section! You can find a link to the Help Video section at the bottom of the Help Center’s homepage:








Plus, if you look at the right navigation bar of the Help Center homepage, you’ll notice that we’ve also added some handy Quick Links. You can now get quicker access to the Live Training Calendar and Recorded Webinars. And if you want instant help, you can click on the new Live Chat button to be virtually connected to one of our ACTIVE Works experts:









Why You Care
You have even more help resources at your fingertips, and in different formats.  You can read, watch, or chat your way to being an ACTIVE Works ninja.

Where You Can Access It
Go to the ACTIVE Works Help Center Homepage