Calling All Customers, Part 2: Free Promotions for Summer/Fall Categories

Race_Director_coneA few weeks ago, we announced a new free promotional program for our customers on Throughout the year, we highlight different event categories in articles on our site (for example: 13 Scenic Century Rides or 9 Unique Triathlons Across the Country). We want to offer our customers the opportunity to be featured in articles during these promotions, so we started a self-nomination program.

If your event falls into one of these categories, email us at to nominate yourself for free exposure:

  • Scenic Half Marathons:  Deadline to submit your event is 8/5/2013
  • November Triathlons: Deadline to submit your event is 8/9/2013
  • Fall Bike Tours: Deadline to submit your event is 8/14/2013

Here’s how to nominate your event:

1. Send an email to

2. In the email, tell us what sets your race apart from the rest. For example, race details like:

  • Scenic location
  • Multiple distances
  • Inaugural year
  • Obstacles/mud
  • Women-only
  • Family-friendly
  • Post-race party
  • Prizes, awards, raffles
  • Green/eco-consciousness
  • Charitable cause
  • Fun facts

3. Please include event photos. Photos must be 460×345 pixels, and in JPG or PNG formats. (If you’re an inaugural event and don’t have event photos, please provide an event logo.)

4. If you have participant testimonials, send them to us!

5. Finally, provide a link to your event registration page

There’s no catch! If your event is featured, you’ll get lots of free exposure to participants:

  • Articles typically generate between 25,000-700,000 page views and between 5,000-50,000 visits.
  • We don’t ever take this content down from the site, it’s evergreen.
  • Your event also has a chance to be featured in our various subscriber-based newsletters and on our social media channels.

Take advantage of this fantastic promotional opportunity and submit your event details to us by those deadlines!