ACTIVE Works News: Team Captain Controls, Dashboard Additions & More

supermanWe’re tried to think up a theme for the latest batch of new releases in ACTIVE Works and, well…we’re stumped. We’re all over the place, in the best possible way. Like Superman shooting around the city to get all the bad guys, we’re shooting around to different client requests for things that will make their lives easier. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

What’s New: Team Captains Control Registration Options for Team Members
We’ve taken the guesswork out of registering for a team and given team captains more control. When a person clicks on the registration URL in the email sent to them from their captain, they will automatically have the correct category/price type and team name pre-selected for them.  

Why You Care
Allowing team captains to pre-select registration options for team members makes it easier and faster for participants to join a team, and greatly reduces the errors that you spend time fixing in the system.

Where You Can Access It
This has automatically been updated for all emails sent by captains who invite team members to register through MyEvents.

What’s New: Age Category Breakdown on Event Dashboard
When we added a widget to the Event Dashboard that showed age and gender breakdowns, that was just the beginning.  Now we’ve taken it a step further and event organizers can add a secondary demographics page to the Dashboard that shows the breakdown of registrants in each age group category.

Why You Care
With the ability to view the number of registrants by age group from the Dashboard, organizers can get a better overview of event demographics without having to pull a report and manually sort this data. This saves time while delivering better event insight.

Where You Can Access It
Go to your Event Dashboard and locate the demographic widget.  Click on “More” to access this information.

What’s New: Further Customization to Section Headers
Event organizers can set up section headers that apply to one or more category/price type(s), which will appear in the questions area of the registration form.  Currently these headers can only be set up at the event level.

Why You Care
With this additional flexibility to set up section headers, event organizers can customize their registration forms even more.  It will be easier for registrants to view and choose options, which will smooth out the registration flow. A lot of clients have been asking for this and we know it will really come in handy.

Where You Can Access It
From the Event Setup, select Step 6 to edit the form and add/customize section headers.

What’s New: Default Selections on Additional Purchases
Event organizers can specify if they want a default selection made on an additional purchase question.

Why You Care
This one was also a popular request from our clients! Event organizers can now customize how add-ons appear to their registrants.  This is especially handy for events that have required additional purchases such as insurance.

Where You Can Access It
From the Event Setup, select Step 8 to edit these additional purchase questions and add/customize the default selection.

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