4 Free Tools to Measure Whether Your Marketing Works

free-tools-to-measure-marketingAs a very smart marketing lady once told me, “Don’t just chuck something over the fence and hope it lands in the right spot.” She was full of off-beat analogies to make the point that you need to keep a close eye on your marketing efforts to tell if they are working or not. (And if they’re not working, then why not? We ask as we stamp our feet.)

Looking at detailed data is the best way to track the success of each marketing channel as you try to drive registrations for your event, especially as you throw new things out there into the wild blue yonder. Guesswork or personal pride at coming up with a super creative idea won’t get you far–a good marketer is a statistician. Arm yourself with powerful information using these FREE, easy-to-use analytical tools: 

1. Google Analytics

This is one of our favorite tools provided by the almighty Google because it gives you access to a ton of valuable information about your website visitors. You can track statistics such as traffic sources (email, organic search, paid search, Facebook, etc), pages viewed, time on site, exit page and demographic information. (Tip: Match this demographic information with the info you get in your ACTIVE Works dashboard…which now includes age and gender breakdowns.)

Learning how your website visitors interact with your site is crucial to understanding how they get into the registration path. For example, increase your marketing of information that’s on the highly trafficked pages and make changes to pages that show visitors dropping off. Using Google Analytics is quite simple but you will likely need some assistance from a web designer when installing it on your website.

2. bitly

This tool serves mainly as a URL shortener but provides link tracking statistics as well. bitly is free, easy to use and provides a nice middle ground for those that don’t have too much time to look deep into statistics, but want a general idea on which links you’re including in your marketing get the most clicks.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great tool to help you juggle multiple social media accounts. You can schedule posts in advance, track mentions, view history, create reports, and more…for all of your accounts, in one place.  It is the most popular social media management platform with a wide variety of features to help you dig into what posts/tweets are getting the most interaction.

4. SurveyMonkey

Hear it directly from the people themselves! Easily create polls and collect responses for free on SurveyMonkey to get feedback on what your participants think about your event and how you can improve. Surveys and polls are most effective when sent immediately post-event.

Here’s a few other free tools you can use to collect feedback.

What other free tools do you use to track the success of your online/offline campaigns? Comment below and let us know.