ACTIVE Works News: Access More Participant Data

The latest batch of new features in ACTIVE Works all center around giving you insider information on participants and registrants. Like Zeus gazing down from Mount Olympus, you’ll be able to zero in your thunderbolt on human details that will help you run the world (well…maybe just your event) better.

age-genderWhat’s New: Age & Gender in Your Dashboard
A new widget was added to the event dashboard that provides a quick overview of age and gender metrics.

Why You Care
This was a highly requested addition! This new widget shows you the age and gender breakdowns of your participants.  The more info you have, the better—you’ll be able to further target your marketing and tailor your event to appeal to your top demographics. Have a lot of women participating? Add more color and style options to your race t-shirts. Trending toward the younger crowd? Hold an Instagram contest for a free entry. Try targeting different ages and genders and see how it works!

Where You Can Access It
Go to the “Dashboards” tab of your event listing within ACTIVE Works.

finish-lineWhat’s New: Prospective Registrations Report
Event organizers can access a report that lists the email addresses of people who abandoned the registration process.

Why You Care
With this new feature, you can encourage prospective participants to “close the deal.” For whatever reason, these individuals did not finish their registration and now you can pull a report with their email address and date they began the process. When you use this info to follow up—perhaps offering a discount or coupon or simply a personalized message—it may be just the prodding they need to register for your event and have a jolly good time.

Where You Can Access It
Go to the “Invitations” tab in ACTIVE Works and select “Prospective Registrations.”

tagsWhat’s New: Custom Analytics Tags
You can now add custom analytics tags throughout the registration process and at ACTIVE Checkout.

Why You Care
This new feature allows you to add custom analytics tags to your event registration flow.  You’ll be able to get visibility into referrers, page(s) accessed during registration, order totals, and order IDs.  Tracking where your customers are coming from and where they’re going will help you understand them better, so you can address their needs before they even know what to ask for.

Where You Can Access It
Contact your account manager to request this.

Click here to access the ACTIVE Works Help Center