ACTIVE Works News: Direct Links & Dashboards

When it comes to user-friendliness, the fewer clicks, the better. So we decided to simplify! The news for ACTIVE Works this week includes links that will help you and your participants get to the good stuff faster.

And we added even more detail to your event dashboard. We know how much event directors rely on those dashboards, and we’re going to keep building them out until you think they’re the best invention since the wheel.

Read the details for yourself:

What’s New: Direct Link to Registration
Event directors can now bypass their event details pages and provide participants with a URL that links directly to registration.

Why You Care
This cuts out an extra click for participants and gets them to your registration flow quicker. This is especially helpful for event directors who provide all event details on their own website and want to direct participants straight to the beginning of the registration process.

Where You Can Access It
Go to the Events Summary Page

What’s New: Direct Link to Training Calendar
Event directors can more easily access the training calendar for ACTIVE Works with a link that sends you straight there.

Why You Care
With a direct link to the tutorials, you get faster access the training calendar to learn more about how to get the most out of the participant and event management tools available.

Where You Can Access It
From the Agency dashboard, select “View Tutorials.”

What’s New: Locations & Trends on Your Dashboard
In addition to your activity summary, you’ll now be able to track top participant locations by state and country. Plus, you’ll see a graph of registration trends and how they are mapping against your goals.

Why You Care
With these dashboard additions, you’ll know your participants better than ever before. Knowing participant locations as well as registration spikes and drops will help you target and plan your marketing for maximum effectiveness. Got a lot of people from Kansas who register in May? Drop a special offer email on that audience at that time and see your registrations sky rocket!

Where You Can Access It
Go to the Dashboards tab within ACTIVE Works.

Click here to access the ACTIVE Works Help Center