13 Ideas to Make Your Event More Eco-Conscious

We were very excited to learn that one of our favorite customers, the Akron Marathon, earned certification from the Council for Responsible Sport for its sustainability efforts back in March. This is a huge accomplishment and a testament to the professionalism of the event and how much effort its organizers put into creating a great experience for participants.

Take note of the endurance events like the Akron Marathon, LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon, and Big Sur International Marathon–these races are leading the industry in event production excellence and are extremely “green.” More and more, people are looking to participate in events that are associated with a good cause. Making your event more eco-conscious is socially and environmentally “good,” and can help you attract more participants.

Here are 13 green ideas that you can try to incorporate in your event :

1. Offer 100% paperless, online race registration
2. Provide goodie bags made of recycled materials and double as gear check bags
3. Put all goodie bag inserts online (participants can download paper coupons online, only include schwag in the bags)
4. Provide reusable water bottles at the expo and start line (no single-use plastic bottles), with refill stations along the course
5. Set up waste, plastic and cardboard recycling stations at the start and finish lines, as well as the expo
6. Arrange for food and waste composting at the finish line and along the course
7. Sell carbon offset tickets during online registration or at the expo
8. Donate all leftover food to homeless shelters or charities
9. Place collection boxes at the finish line for discarded clothes running shoes for donation
10. Print banners, badges, and bibs on recycled paper/plastic
11. Power your event with solar generators
12. Offer carpooling incentives for participants
13. Use race vehicles that are electric or hybrid

More Ideas 

What are some of your ideas for to help events be eco-conscious? Comment below!

Read about Jim Barnett of the Akron Marathon.