ACTIVE Results News: 4 Improvements to the Results Tool

Ever since we released the new Results tool about a year ago, we’ve gotten some good reviews and feedback on the improved platform. But, as is to be expected, our work wasn’t done yet. Yes, you could edit the results mappings…but we wondered if the editing was as flexible as you needed it to be? And the new design was more user friendly…but was it the friendliest it could be? You get the idea. The good news is that we’re making progress and have been fine-tuning the Results tool to be even better for you.

Here are four improvements we’ve made that we think you’ll like:

1. Preservation of Custom Columns (Checkpoints)
When you map a custom column (checkpoint), the system is now smart enough to remember your personalized mappings so you never have to do it again. This reduces the manual work you used to do because you don’t have to remap with every upload. Plus, we’ve also added 10 additional recognized column names so you have less items to remap and can save more time.

2. Infrastructure Updates
We’ve made things friendlier behind the scenes. You’ll have a better user experience with even faster uploads and increased system stability (two things we know are always top of mind for you).

 3. ‘Report an Issue’ Update
When dealing with a participant’s reported issue, you’ll have more info up front so you can resolve the problem faster. How? We are requiring participants to include necessary contact information (such as bib number, email, first and last name) when they report an issue with their results, so you won’t have to spend time hunting that data down.

4. Mobile Results for Participants
Participants can now view results on their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to do a thing…the Results tool automatically recognizes who’s using a mobile device and redirects them to the mobile optimized results pages.

Check out the changes – log in to the Results tool now