Get to Know Your Participants Better with Facebook Insights

If you scroll through your participant database, it probably makes you feel warm and fuzzy that you have so much background info. You know who is a current registrant, who isn’t registered this year but did your event three years ago, who is in each age group, etc…which helps you target your emails and other marketing channels to reach the right people at the right time.

You can get similar info on your Facebook fans, using that data to make better posts that get better results. It’s called Facebook Insights and here are three parts of this tool that you can use to figure out who is interacting with your page and what they want: 

1. Gender and Age

The ‘Gender and Age’ section is a good starting point. What percentage are females vs. males? If it’s predominately females, for example, you may want to add more posts about the women’s merch you sell or the pedicure station at your finish line expo. How about age? If you have a lot of middle agers, you can assume that most are parents and would be interested in any family-oriented aspects of your events. Or if you have a younger crowd, tailor your posts to focus on the group or social aspects.

2. Cities

This is a simple one. If the vast majority of your fans are from your area, promote local training events, deals from local sponsors, etc. If your fans are spread across the nation (or world), make your posts more broad and nonlocalized.

3. Total Reach (Per Post)

At the bottom of each post you make, you’ll see the number of people who saw that post. This number covers the 28 days after the post is made and includes viewers from desktops and mobile devices. That specific post counts as having reached someone when it is loaded and shown in the person’s News Feed.

At the top of your Admin Panel now, you can see your most recent posts and their reach. Take a look at the most recent posts – which ones got the most reach? These stats will give you the best idea on which posts are the most popular and you can continue to post the content that gets the most reach and interaction.

What other stats do you look at to understand your participants better? Comment below.

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