What Event Director Resources Do You Need? (Survey)

Last month we revealed the survey results of the top five challenges race directors face on a regular basis. Which got us thinking–what resources do you need to conquer those challenges?

What can we provide to help you be better, stronger, faster? For example, more webinars, how-to guides, short videos, workshops, 1:1 consultations, or something else altogether…

TAKE THE SURVEY (Don’t worry…it’s really short.)

As a reminder, ‘getting sponsor support’ was identified as the top challenge by far…here are the results in case you missed them:

1. Getting enough sponsor support 78.9%
2. Getting enough participants registered 60.5%
3. Promoting & getting media coverage for my event 47.4%
4. Getting enough volunteers 39.5%
5. Competing with other events 31.6%

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