ACTIVE Works News: New Financial Reporting

Ok, we know it was only this morning that we told you about the new event set-up flow in ACTIVE Works. But we just this moment launched two more things that are important to know about (and very cool). And they relate to your money and financial insights, so we wanted to tell you right away!

What’s New: Revenue Report
This brand new report will replace the Payment Report and Transcription Report. (Don’t panic! Those two reports will be around for awhile.) You can now view a detailed breakdown of your payments from ACTIVE and revenue details by event for those of you who put on multiple events.  EVERYTHING from the Payment and Transcription Reports (and then some) is included in this new report.

Why You Care
Even the richest race director (did you start laughing at that oxymoronic term?) worries about money! The Revenue Report is important because it gives event directors more control. You get more ways to view and filter your financial data, which means you get a more accurate and complete picture of your finances. This is especially helpful for accountants who need more options when reconciling the accounts for your event so they can close out their books.

Where You Can Access It
Log in to ACTIVE Works. Go to the Financials Tab and select Revenue Report.

What’s New: Payment Statement
This statement provides a breakdown of revenue per event, per payment received from ACTIVE. It comes in a handy dandy printable PDF format.

Why You Care
Now your event or organization can click and print a comprehensive payment statement that will keep that pesky IRS happy. The big value is that this report is already formatted to be digestible by people like your accountant or the government and is downloaded automatically as a PDF. You won’t have to do any pivot tables or magic tricks to get the right format—the CSV file makes it easy to report your financials for official purposes.

Where You Can Access It
Log in to ACTIVE Works. Go to the Financials Tab and select Revenue Report. Click on the hyperlinked check/direct deposit number to view the statement for that pay period.

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