ACTIVE Works News: “Sold Out”/”On Hold” Category Messaging

For this week’s edition of Product Talk, we’ve got an update to ACTIVE Works that will make things a lot clearer to your participants.

What’s New: Updated “Sold Out”/ “On Hold” Category Messaging
Previously if you had a category that was sold out or on hold, those notifications would appear in tiny gray print that was on the opposite side of the page from the price. That confused some people, especially when they found out late that they couldn’t enter these categories…which is not a good customer experience and naturally upset some folks.

But now we’ve made it better! The sold out and on hold messaging has been updated to be more prominent (red capital letters for sold out, yellow caps for on hold) and in line with the price. The category itself is also grayed out.









Why You Care
Your participants will now have a clear idea of which category is sold out or on hold, eliminating confusion and cutting down on customer service calls.

Where You Can Access It
You don’t have to do anything. This has been updated within the registration flow and will automatically appear when your categories reach capacity.

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