7 Ways To Promote Your Event With Facebook

Promoting your event or race with social media can be really effective – helping you attract more participants and get your current registrants fired up – if you do it right. It takes some work, but the good news is that you can have some fun because these social channels are so casual and interactive.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are seven Facebook ideas and examples from other events who are doing it well: 

1. Interview participants for human interest stories
People connect with inspirational and emotional stories. Your participants have them…you just need to find them.

New York City Triathlon is brilliant at this, getting interns to call up registered participants and hunt down good stories for their “Featured Athlete of the Week”:



















2. Give away free stuff
We’re not blowing your minds with a new idea on this one, but we have to include it because we don’t want you to forget that people love free stuff. Hold a contest to give away free entries, or…

…free t-shirts like Austin 10/20:


















…or pizza like Brazen Racing:













3. Create a video that is shareable
What makes you so special? Show and tell time. It’s doesn’t have to be super fancy, but make a video that highlights the best and most exciting aspects of your event. Post it on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Escape From Alcatraz really highlights the challenging, adrenaline-filled vibe of the event:

4. Show off your medal or bibs
Tweet, post, pin, or blog about your medals (and bibs if they’re personalized). This gets participants excited and is highly shareable/likable.

Hero Rush posted a pic of their bibs:



















…and also blogged about their medals:


















5. Create a special Twitter hashtag for your event
Get a focused conversation going on Twitter around your event. Find a subtopic that is interesting and get people tweeting and posting about it.

The Pittsburgh Marathon was very clever and used Facebook to tie a free entry giveaway to a holiday and created a fun hashtag to support it:
















6. Make it easy for participants to share their registration on Facebook & get friends to join
Many registration platforms have a Facebook integration and this is super important. If you allow people to share their registration on Facebook, you’ll capitalize on their excitement and get exposure to all of their friends.

For example, as people register ACTIVE.com, they can say “Yes, I’m In!” and this posts to their Facebook pages (as well as displays on ACTIVE.com):




















7. Try out Facebook’s offers
When people click on “Get Offer,” an email is sent directly to the address associated with their Facebook account. See if you can get more redemptions with this method versus the more traditional way of simply posting a coupon code.

Check out how Firefly Run did it:








That’s just Facebook – here’s more: