What are you missing in your confirmation emails?

Figuring out what to say in your event emails, particularly in your confirmation emails, can make you feel like a mad scientist trying to invent the perfect formula. It’s a no-brainer to include basic information like the race date and expo details. But what else should you add to the mix?

Keep in mind that a confirmation email is something that gets HUGE open rates and is much more likely to be read “cover to cover” than your marketing emails. This is an email participants are tapping their feet waiting for. In other words, a confirmation email is a felicitous opportunity to get help for your event in a variety of ways—from revenue to volunteers to exposure.  Here are seven ideas on messages you can include in your confirmation emails:

1. “Follow us on Facebook and Twitter”
This is a must-have inclusion for events. It’s an easy way to boost your fans and followers and can take up very little space in the email – just add a few words and drop in the social media icons.

2. “Sign up to receive our newsletter”
Another easy addition, which is especially important if you do not use social media.

3. “Check out our event merchandise”
Including event gear in your confirmation emails is a sure fire way to increase your revenue. Keep it simple and feature a few key items and see what kind of response you get.

 4. “Get something special from our sponsors”
Many events include the logos of their top sponsors in confirmation emails, but can you sweeten the pot? If possible, include a special offer or coupon from a sponsor. This gives sponsors more exposure and your registrants extra value for their registration.

5. “Get your friends to volunteer and cheer you on”
Recruiting volunteers is always a challenge…so get your registrants to help you! When people sign up, they’re excited and want to get friends and family involved with the event too. Include a link to volunteer and encourage participants to forward it to friends and family.

6. “Register for your next event”
Have an upcoming event you need to boost numbers for? Or maybe you need to do some cross promotion for a partner event? Add a link for another, similar event at the bottom of your confirmation email and capitalize on the post-registration motivation of your participants.  

7. “Thank you”
There is nothing more appreciated than a heartfelt “thank you.” Including a simple message of thanks will resonate with participants who are spending hard-earned money and dedicating free time to experience your event.

Final Note!
To be clear, we are NOT suggesting that you load up your confirm emails with all seven of these ideas, turning them into an overly complicated, link-crazed mess. Keep it simple, perhaps just implement one or two ideas, but take advantage of the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are already invested in your event will be reading what you have to say.