Are You Ready For Facebook’s New Graph Search?

In mid-January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented Graph Search as Facebook’s new social search engine. It’s still in beta mode, but event directors need to know what’s coming their way.

Graph Search pulls four things into one searchable place: people, places, interests, and photos. With those all available, it’s possible for Facebookers to search for and find results such as ‘friends who like running’ or ‘pictures I liked’ or ‘events near Boston my friends have been to.’ Click here to take a look at Graph Search.

Why does this all matter to event directors? Because you may need to make some changes so your event’s Facebook page stands out. Here are 4 steps you can take right now to prepare for the new Graph Search: 

1. Fill out your profile completely
Graph Search emphasizes keywords, categories and connections and there are a few ways to make these stronger. Primarily, in the Basic Information section, make sure that your Category and Place Sub-categories are filled out and correct. (Sub-categories are limited and you cannot create your own, so simply try to find a match.)

Also complete your About section and add keywords that are relevant to your event. Graph Search will pick up on those keywords and the category/sub-category words, so think about what your ideal participant would likely be searching for and update these sections accordingly.

2. Post more photos

ADD MORE PICTURES! We cannot emphasize this enough. Photos will play an even larger role than they currently do now, so load up your Facebook page with all the eye candy you can muster. Don’t forget to tag photos with your page name as well as the location, and add some keywords in the photo description. These keywords, like those in your page description, will allow for more visibility through Graph Search.

*Note: Facebook suggests posting content directly to your page, rather than using a third party, as only photos and videos directly on your page will appear in search results.

3. Get more likes, shares, and comments (engagement)
As usual, engagement is an important factor of Graph Search. Now more than ever, likes, shares and comments are crucial for the success of your page. Specifically, shares tell the Graph Search algorithm to make logical connections to your fans and the public. Comments and likes on photos you post will be more easily accessed in Graph Search and will also be recorded as potential matches for friends of friends.

4. Start adjusting now
Again, Graph Search is still in the beta/trial phase, but these changes are on their way. Start making some adjustments to your social media strategy now, so you’ll be ahead of the game when Graph Search is officially launched!

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