Be More Mobile: 3 New Features in ACTIVE On-Site

On race day, do you ever think “My bum hurts from sitting down all day!”? We’re guessing your answer is a resounding “NO” and that you’re probably the type of person who’s running around at top speed with unanswered questions buzzing behind you. You need to be mobile and we hear you. To keep you moving, we’ve been working on making the ACTIVE On-Site mobile app even better so that you don’t have to slow down on race day. On-Site is now more user friendly with new features that make it even faster to get participants checked in and registered.

What’s new with On-Site:

Team Check In. You can now search by team name and check in each team member. Mobile race day registration and check in for individuals (non-teams) is still available (and awesome).

Tablet Support. You can use On-Site with iPad & Android tablets. That means all iOS 4.0+ devices (iPhone, iPads) and Android devices will run this app, so you now have an excuse to get another gadget.

ACTIVE Credit Card Swiper. The new ACTIVE card swiper plugs right in to your mobile device and it’s free!  Contact your account manager or client support to get one.

Click here to learn more about On-Site Don’t forget that any information processed by the app is tied directly back to your event in ACTIVE Works, so you don’t have to worry about any extra data entry or hassle. This is the first mobile app built specifically for endurance sports so if you don’t have it yet, get it now from iTunes or Google Play!

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