The Perfect Match – YAVAY Helps Event Directors & Sponsors Find Each Other

Sponsorships are crucial for events—they help offset hard costs and can get you extra visibility that wouldn’t be possible on your own. But it’s not always easy to find and convince businesses to support your event. That’s why ACTIVE has partnered with YAVAY to help make connections between event directors and sponsors. We sat down with Steve Baskin, YAVAY’s co-founder, to talk about what his company does and how it can help event directors:

How did you first come up with the idea for YAVAY?
Yoeri Geerits (a Belgian fellow living in Calgary) and I were in Banff working on a sponsorship-related project for his company, threesixtythree. We got to talking about the difficulties we faced while running sponsorships for two large parts of the world for ING; Yoeri as the former Head of Sponsorships for ING Asia, and me in the role of Head of Advertising, Brand Development and Sponsorships for ING US Financial Services. After several beers, we determined that a comprehensive marketplace that allows brands to quickly find the best opportunities was just the ticket.

What difficulties exactly?
We faced the issues that every company encounters in their search for the right sponsorship opportunities: the inability to get a grasp on the opportunities out there that would match the demographic criteria and business needs of the company, the inability to compare opportunities, and the inability to quickly and easily pull together smaller deals into larger ones. From the other side of the table, we empathized about the difficulty that sponsorship sellers faced in trying to get in front of people who are actually looking for sponsorships. And we felt that YAVAY would solve issues on both sides.

What is YAVAY?
YAVAY is a low-cost subscription service that allows properties of all types to quickly and easily build a profile page that brings their opportunities to life. 
It’s also a patent-pending search engine that allows brands (in this case, events like yours) to define their sponsorship criteria and identify the sponsors that would be a good fit.  Further, it’s a tool that allows governing bodies, leagues and organizations to easily understand and report on the sponsorships they offer.

What have your results been so far?
In July of 2012, I started putting together a talented team to begin building the massive database and finalize the technology with all of the bells and whistles we’d imagined from the start. In a very short time, our list of sponsorship sellers has grown to include the US Olympic Committee, US and Canadian National Governing Bodies of Sport, major NASCAR teams, major motorsports venues, IndyCar, American LeMans Series, Grand AM, AMA Pro Cycling, minor league baseball, football, hockey and soccer teams, PGA golf tournaments, the US Tennis Association and even the Johnny Cash Museum.

On the brand side, we’ve signed on major national and local brands with North American buying power estimated between $250 million and $350 million dollars. Over the next months, YAVAY will begin connecting brands and properties in a way that’s never been done before.

Our number one goal is to make sponsors and properties wonder how they ever got along without YAVAY. I feel like we’ve got a good start.

Why does this matter to event directors?
Our sponsorship sellers are ready to uncover local, regional and national opportunities – like your event. YAVAY is an easy way for you to find and connect with sponsors, which saves you time and effort.

Plus, ACTIVE customers get a special deal. You’ll pay only $300 for your first year’s subscription—that’s 60% off the standard rate. The subscription includes your branded YAVAY page, a custom, branded site and will essentially pay for itself once you sign your first sponsorship!

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