5 Free Survey Tools to Gather Participant Feedback

You have hundreds, if not thousands, of people crossing your finish line each year. How do you know if they’re happy or had a good experience? Do you know how your participants really feel about your event?

That’s where surveys come in. Feedback surveys should be built into your event (we recommend sending them immediately after the race while everything is still fresh in participants’ minds). With surveys, you’ll be able to easily collect and dissect feedback, getting valuable insight on how to improve your event without spending much time or any money on it.

Here are five survey tools you can use to start collecting valuable feedback today:

1. SurveyMonkey
This is probably the most well-known survey tool. It is easy to use for any size organization. The free option allows you to ask up to 10 questions per survey and gather 100 responses. You can send them out through social, email, or embed them on your site.

2. KwikSurveys
KwikSurveys is completely free. You can collect an unlimited amount of responses and ask as many questions as you want. Results can be exported to Excel.

3. Google Forms
You knew Google would throw its hat into the survey ring. Within the Google Docs family, you can choose to create a form with custom questions and view results in a Google spreadsheet.

4. SurveyGizmo
This tool can do more than the others. It offers a 14-day free trial, but then charges $75/month for an account. If you are putting a lot of effort toward using surveys and want more out of a premium package, check out SurveyGizmo.

5. FluidSurveys
FluidSurveys is a great choice for Canadian organizations looking to collect and analyze information online. Compliant with Canadian data security laws with servers hosted in Canada, this company offers a free option, as well as three more advanced options that you can try for free for 14 days.

Race directors rarely have time to sit still, but don’t forget to slow down a bit to listen to what your participants have to say. They will have the best insight into how you can improve upon everything from course logistics to registration to your post-race party. 

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Do you collect survey responses from your participants? Share your experiences below.