Changes to Twitter: Update Your Header Image

Surprise, surprise. A major social network changed something again and we need to adjust to keep up! Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest…as Heraclitus would say, “nothing is permanent but change.”  Now it’s Twitter’s turn to make a design change and keep us on our toes. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Twitter’s update? 

With Facebook’s header image and the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram, Twitter is scrambling to get more visual. A few days ago, Twitter changed the profile’s design by adding a big header image at the top. This gives you a third opportunity (after the profile picture and background image) to use a picture to describe who you are. Your profile picture and bio sit centered on top of the header image:

How can you set it up? 

1. Click the gear symbol in the top-right corner of Twitter
2. Click on “Settings”
3. Click on “Design”
4. Scroll down to  ”Customize your own”
5. Click on “Change header”:

6. Choose an existing photo to pick from your library of images or take a photo to capture an image from your computer’s camera device
(*1252×626 pixels is the maximum size of the original image)
7. Move the image around and scale it to fit the way you want
8. Click “Save” and view your profile to see the new header and format

What makes for a good header image?

The easy answer: Something that is grabs attention and represents what your event offers.

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But we can do better than that: If you have an image in mind, make sure that it won’t make your bio blend in (meaning that it should have dark colors in it to contrast the white font). For endurance events, consider putting up a picture of your start or finish line, or a scenic course shot. Put up something your participants can relate to. If you’re feeling really creative, try to tie your profile image to your header image:

But maybe you can’t think of a high quality image that you want to set as your header. Consider going with a color that is part of your logo. At ACTIVE, we just updated our color scheme and logo so we are going with a color for now (I also noticed that Twitter itself went with a color).

Good luck with your new header and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for new social updates!