Top 7 Unique Technology Needs of Mob™ Events

Our GM of Sports, Eric McCue, said it best: “Mob events have sprung from the endurance market, but you can’t put them into those traditional run-bike-swim categories.

Ok, so Mob events march to the beat of their own drum. They attract different types of participants and are comprised of different elements. From an event management standpoint, there are also technology needs coming into play that aren’t necessarily a priority for more traditional endurance races.

If we take a look at the top 7 unique features of Mob events, we’ll be able to get an idea of what the best event management system would be for a Mob event director:

1. Mobs are highly viral
Word of mouth and social sharing are top registration drivers for Mobs. Make sure your registration software has integrations with Facebook so people can share their Mob experience with friends and encourage them to join the fun.

2. Mobs are photo opp machines
Costumes, mud, paint, obstacles, fire – regardless of what your Mob is all about, these elements tend to be very visual. In other words, Mobs are eye candy and you need to take advantage of that. Look for platforms that offer free exposure on sites like Mob to attract more people to your start line.

3. Mob events tend to have registration surges
It’s important to use a system that can handle a high number of instantaneous registrations because odds are your event will sell out quick.

4. Mobs are charitable 
Your event management software should have integrated donation and fundraising tools so you don’t have to use disparate systems to support your favorite cause.

5. Mobs are hyper social
It’s very important to make team registrations easy, including functionality that can assign team captains, limit numbers, create public or private groups, etc.

6. Mobs are usually team based
Use technology that allows you to easily generate coupon codes (either for bulk or one-time use) to encourage group participation.

7. Mobs attract participant numbers in the thousands
While that’s great for your bottom line, you also need to think about the customer support those numbers will require. Make sure your event management company or registration provider offers free support for your participants as well as you.

Bottom line – if you get the right technology for your Mob, you’ll be able to focus on building a crazy obstacle course like the world has never seen.

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