Introducing Mob™ Events, Part 2 – Jason Aloia Creates a Place for Mob-sters

Want to send your participants through a mud pit? Make them climb up ladders and down ropes? Maybe chase them with paint or a monster? Welcome to the Mob™ world! In our last post, we introduced Mob events and our GM of Sports, Eric McCue, dished the dirt on why we coined the name and how Mobs are impacting the industry. Today, you’ll learn more about our new Mob section on from a guy who helped put the whole thing together. 

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It’s not everyday that we add a whole new portal, but we think this trend deserves its own space. Read why from one of our senior product managers. 

Q&A with Jason Aloia, Senior Product Manager,

Why was it important to build a portal on dedicated to Mob events?

Since the interest and diversity in Mob events has grown so much, especially in recent months, we wanted to build a showcase for them. We’ve been watching the success of mud runs for some time. But when you hear about hundreds of people showing up to a small Midwestern town to run a 5K dressed as zombies, it’s best to pay close attention.

What elements were most important to include in this portal? Why?

Mob events are photo-opp machines. They take the definition of “participation” to a whole new level. The effort these participants put into dressing the part and the sheer amount of fun they have at the events produce some amazing photos and videos. The Mob event section on will capture and memorialize some of the “mob mentality” with the hopes of encouraging more people to participate in them more often.

How did you optimize the site for participants?

Participants will share their photos and videos – or vote on their favorites – for a chance to win prizes. It’ll also act as a one-stop shop to find Mob events across the country. Mud, zombies, obstacles, beer … pick your poison; this section will have it.

How can race directors benefit from this site?

The section is optimized to attract and comingle participants of all flavors of races.  We’ll expose how fun and approachable mud runs are to the traditional 5K weekend warrior. We’ll also keep participants engaged in Mob events by promoting their growing diversity.

By fostering the growth of Mob events and garnering that audience’s attention, we can focus their interest into our customer’s events.

What are your plans for the future of the Mob portal?

Fun, friendship and fitness – that’s what Mob events, and this site, are all about.  Up next, we’re releasing enhanced social features that’ll connect like-minded Mob enthusiasts, allow them to claim and redeem points for participation, and “compete” for bragging rights on our virtual Mob Leader Board.

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