10 Creative Ideas for Event Schwag

As a follow up to our last blog about where to get schwag for your next race, we’d also like to share a few ideas of the types of schwag you can offer participants. Here are ten creative ideas from races around the country:

1. Headlamps – Keep runners and bikers safe at night (and give them something that comes in surprisingly handy around the house)

2. Seed packets – Good for the environment and a long-term reminder to participants of your event

3. Custom socks – An alternative (or addition) to a t-shirt offering

4. A different kind of finisher’s medal – A necklace for women and a bottle-opener medal for men

5. Running dog leashes – Make it easy for man’s best friend to tag along on training runs

6. Non-tie shoelaces – A must-have for participants who don’t want to a lose a second on loose laces

7. Luggage tag – Something that everyone needs and a great way to get your event more exposure

8. Sweat towel – A great giveaway that participants can use to cool down post-race

9. Water bottle – While water bottles are not an original idea, eco-friendly bottles (such as Vapur fold-and-go bottles or BPA-free Kleen Kanteens) are hugely popular among participants

10. Location-specific gifts – Get creative! What’s unique to your area? For example, a wine opener in Napa, coffee cup in Seattle, Mardi Gras mask in New Orleans, etc.

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People love schwag. In fact, industry experts (like Bart Yasso) ranked “not buying gear to hand out” as one of the top 20 mistakes that race directors make. To avoid this mistake as well as the other 19, click below to download the free report: