Must-read Tips from Our Past 5 Race Directors of the Month

In our newsletter, The Edge, we feature a race director in each monthly edition. These are smart, creative race directors who put on great endurance events around the country. Today, we assembled the top tip from each of our past five race directors of the month.

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1.  “Put on an event, not just a race.” – Robert Espinoza (September 2011)

Robert EspinozaRobert is the founder and owner of Fleet Feet Sports in Savannah, GA, but also has been credited for nearly single-handedly starting the running culture in Savannah. Robert puts on more than a race by making it fun for the whole community by playing music, offering great food, having costume contests, “kiddie” runs, guest speakers, and more for the post-race activities.

2. “Build a business based on doing good, not just turning a profit.” – Dan Clark (August 2011)

Dan ClarkDan Clark is the founder of Gladiator Rock’n Run (and maybe better known as “Nitro” from the American Gladiator TV series). Dan makes a point of aligning with a specific charity partner for each race. In doing so, Dan puts on a fun event and raises thousands of dollars for great causes. That is a great recipe for success.

3. “Make sure every event is managed by a skilled team.” Aaron Del Mar (July 2011)

Aaron Del MarAaron Del Mar is the founder and CEO of Adrenaline Sports Management (ASM), which specializes in the development and delivery of athletic events in Illinois and around the country. In addition to event management services, ASM offers marketing, advertising, press and media relations, and sponsorship coordination services. That’s a lot to handle for a small team, which is one of the reasons ASM relies on the technology of Active Network, the only company that provides both race management software and the ability to promote races.  Using great technology to support a lean group of smart, dedicated event professionals is how Aaron builds a successful team.

4. “Get the community involved and be grateful to have them.” – Dori Ingalls (June 2011)

Dori IngallsDori Ingalls started running at age four and hasn’t looked back. Alongside her husband, Dori launched the inaugural Mad Marathon in the Mad River Valley of central Vermont in July 2011. Ingalls was blown away by the support from the community—locals came to help as volunteers and sponsors, as well as advice-givers and overall supporters and participants. Simply put, if you have the community behind you, the race will be better for all involved.

5. “Make elevation and safety high priorities when charting the course.” – David Penrose (May 2011)

David PenroseDavid Penrose is the co-race director for the Bellingham Bay Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. Since the inaugural race in 2007, David has revised the course each year for safety reasons such as elevation and turns. He recommends taking those into consideration for your course so that you can protect participants while putting on a great race.

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