How to Set up and Optimize a Facebook Event for Your Race

Facebook logoThis one’s for the race director who is looking to promote an event without taking a big chunk out of the budget. That formula takes us to Facebook. Setting up a Facebook event is a great way to spread the word about your race – you just have to make sure it’s done right. Follow these steps to set up a Facebook event and make it effective:

5 steps and it’s live:

1. Log in to Facebook

2. Visit the Facebook events page

Facebook event for races3. Fill in the details
4. Add a photo
5. Click “create event”


10 steps and it’s effective:

1. Add a link to your registration page in the info section
2. Invite all of your Facebook friends
3. Add a message describing your event and cause
4. Check the box that reads: “Anyone can view and RSVP (public event)”
This will ensure that your event is not private. That way, people will be able to invite other guests outside of your network of friends.
5. Post the event on your personal Facebook wall
6. Post the event on your Facebook business page
7. Add interesting stuff to the wall

When people see the event invitation and click to check it out, you should have some eye-catching pictures, videos, and short messages on the wall. Post photos and videos from last year’s race or maybe some maps of the course if this is your first race. Get creative!

Facebook post

8. Encourage people to invite their friends

Make a post on the event wall that encourages people to invite their other endurance friends. This is the value of Facebook – everyone is connected. If even a few people help you spread the word, the message will exponentially spread to others that were previously beyond your reach.

9. Message the guests periodically

In the top right corner of your Facebook Event page, you’ll see a button called “Message Guests”.  You can choose to message guests depending on their status (attending, not attending, maybe attending). We recommend sending out targeted messages that remind people to sign up for the event. Be sure to add your registration page link!

10. Don’t over post

People are swamped with information through social media so event directors need to find a good balance between getting the word out and annoying people. Basically, do not post on your event wall with a daily countdown. That’s annoying. A better way to get attention is to start some interesting discussions on the wall to get people talking. If people are bouncing comments around, your Facebook Event is doing its job and engaging participants. That makes you less spammy and displays the genuine interest in your race.